Often referred as the intelligence of machines, the concept of Artificial Intelligence may also imply the sciences and engineering of making intelligent machines. Although the exact date is unknown, a type of artificial intelligence had been discovered sometime prior to 2040 AD. The bio-neural computer chip was the tool that made this form of artificial intelligence possible, but sometime after discovery, the chip was deemed illegal due to certain unknown circumstances. The most infamous event involving artificial intelligence was the Sharon Apple Incident of 2040, in which a bio-neural chip was installed in the computer system controlling virtual popular singing idol Sharon Apple. Unfortunately, the bio-neural chip does not create a stable intelligent machine but rather one that is plagued by an intense self-preservation psychology. The result is a paranoid artificial intelligence dangerous to all others. Despite these problems, artificial intelligence is still rigorously researched and implemented in nearly all aspects of modern life, particularly military applications. Super AI systems are used to help manage the computers of advanced variable fighter craft such as the YF-19 and the most advanced unmanned Ghost Fighters feature true artificial intelligence hardware that is suspended just short of independent function via the Judah system. It is yet unknown whether stable artificial intelligence can be achieved long-term without safeguards.