A two-part exoskeleton and g-suit equipped with two variable geometry wings and two hybrid jet/rocket engines fitted to rest on the back of the pilot. EX-Gear includes mechanical hardware for the head, torso, arms and legs to assist in take off/landing, improving overall pilot mobility and enhancing pilot endurance against acceleration. EX-Gear is used to familiarize the operator with flying and is integrated into the cockpits of the newest VF-25 Messiah variable fighters. Civilian units built to the same standard as military issue equipment are used to train students in flight schools, such as the aeronautics program at Mihoshi Academy. When the EX-Gear is integrated with the Inertia Store Converter (see ISC) in the new VF-25 Messiah variable fighter, the pilot is protected from the harsh effects of high acceleration. The EX-Gear integrate with the flight computer of the VF-25 to allow the Messiah to be controlled by the EX-Gear's unique HMI (human-machine interface). The EX-Gear monitors the nerve impulses in the pilot's muscles and controls the VF-25 fighter through a continuous link to the pilot's thoughts (conceptually similar technology to the old BDS built for the YF-21; see Brain-Direct interface System). The name "EX" is short hand for "Extender".