A short hand term for the OverTechnology of super-light-velocity spatial displacement. Fold travel allows a spacecraft to enter super dimension space and traverse vast interstellar distances nearly instantaneously. A fold first swaps the location of the spacecraft with super dimension space and then swaps super dimension space with the space at the destination, depositing the spacecraft in the process. During the events of Super Dimension Fortress Macross, First Lieutenant Misa Hayase describes the passage of time during a fold as an hour passing in super dimension space equivalent to the passage of approximately ten days in normal space. When initiating a fold to super dimension space the term "fold in" is used. When a spacecraft arrives at the destination by departing super dimension space the term "defold" (or "fold out") is used. Space craft typically measure space folds in light-years, such as the 1,000 light year fold conducted by the Macross Frontier fleet to reach the Vajra homeworld in 2059.