An aerospace design and manufacturing company founded 2017. Former Bodol Zer Main Fleet technician Algus Selzer had just earned his doctorate in flight and bio-electronic engineering when he was invited to be the chief project advisor at General Galaxy's founding. General Galaxy produced numerous variable fighter designs during the early years (including the VF-14 Vampire along with Messer, a fighter now infamous for a role in the Protodeviln War) but is most famous for building the VF-17 Nightmare heavy variable fighter. In the 2030s, General Galaxy was one of two demonstration/validation phase contractors to participate in the Project Super Nova Advanced Variable Fighter (AVF) competition. Unfortunately General Galaxy's YF-21 variable fighter lost in the Project Super Nova AVF, though debate continues about the significant impact the Sharon Apple Incident had upon the AVF competition. Despite these setbacks, the YF-21 would give birth to the VF-22 Sturmvogel II special operations fighter and General Galaxy would be awarded the coveted main variable fighter contract to the New United Nations Spacy with their redesigned VF-171 variable fighter/bomber (in active service as of 2059).