Also known as Volumetric Imaging.

Numerous technologies involving the use of holograms and volumetric images significantly advanced by the introduction of OverTechnology. Holography and volumetric imaging is used in everyday life but is most extensively utilized for military applications and within the entertainment industry. One of the first major music performers to utilize stage shows with advanced holograms and volumetric images was pop idol Lynn Minmay in 2009. Since then numerous music acts have used holographic and volumetric technology such as virtual idol Sharon Apple, the rock band Fire Bomber and vocalist Sheryl Nome. In military applications, holographic/volumetric images are used in nearly all command and control systems aboard ships of all types. Holography and volumetric imaging are also used extensively in variable fighters, first introduced in 2009 for VF-1 Valkyries equipped with "Block 6" cockpits. The VF-1 used advanced holographic/volumetric image systems inside the cockpit canopy for tracking/targeting and later variable fighters used such systems for image magnification and hands-off audio/visual communications systems.

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