The name for a software system that governs the computer hardware of the AIF-7S Ghost fighter. The Judah System is normally set to receive constant commands governing the behaviour of the artificial intelligence systems of the Ghost fighters via a command and control craft (such as the RVF-25 Messiah). However, the pilot of the command and control craft may choose to release control of the Ghost fighters by activating the full autonomous mode of the Judah System, thus allowing the AIF-7S Ghost fighters full independent action in combat. The Judah System was the same software program that governed the Ghost X-9 Fighter in 2040 during the infamous Sharon Apple Incident. Near the end of the Vajra War in 2059, Luca Angeloni released the Judah System to full autonomous control in his three AIF-7S Ghost fighters (named Simon, John and Peter) to grant them an advantage in counter attacking the Ghost V-9 fighters controlled by the Battle Galaxy.