A weapon made possible via OverTechnology that contains an advanced tracking system, a high-velocity thruster and a powerful warhead inside a high-maneuverability missile no larger than 28 centimeters in diameter (11 inches). First introduced in 2008, the micro-missile has become one of the most widely used self-propelled weapons. The small size and weight of the micro-missile allows a single craft to carry more than fifty of these explosive projectiles. Micro-missiles are carried inside FAST/Super Packs, within special hardpoint pods like the UUM-7 or launched from internal missile bays within the body of a variable fighter. Micro-missiles are most often used for short range attack but have also been used at medium range and are capable of destroying all but the most heavily armored vehicles (reference: first deployment of the VF-1J GBP-1S Armored Valkyrie; SDF Macross, Episode 9).

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