A spiritual energy life form that evolved in a sub-universe adjoining our own. The Protodeviln crossed over into our universe hundreds of thousands of years ago by inhabiting the bodies of the Protoculture's advanced (Zentradi) all-enivron biological weapons named the "Evil Series" (pronounced Eh-vil). In order to survive as extra-dimensional beings in this universe, the protodeviln covet spiritia, the life energy generated by protoculture and zentradi. The Protodeviln invade with their army of controlled Protoculture and Zentradi people (Supervision Army) and feed off this spiritia to sustain themselves. The ensuing war with the Protoculture destroys over 85% of all life in the Stellar Republic. Though the Protodeviln are eventually defeated, they remained in our universe and were subsequently revived hundreds of thousands of year later. Soon after this brief revival of the Protodeviln they discovered a method of self-producing spiritia. The Protodeviln departed known space to explore the universe.