A conflict between the UN Spacy and the Protodeviln that began in March 2045 and ended in February 2046. Hostilities first began in 2043 when the Megaroad-13 research fleet surveys an "ice planet" within the Varauta system and scientists discover a mysterious energy field beneath the ice surface protecting an undisturbed legacy of the Protoculture. Experiments begin to deactivate the field, eventually dropping the field strength and awakening the Protodeviln heretofore unknown to be imprisoned inside. The Protodeviln seize control of the Humans and Zentradi (including Ivane Gyuntar who later becomes Gepernich) and begin building their own civilization and military. In 2045, the Macross 7 ventures near the Planet Varauta. Despite the warnings of Exedol Folmo not to approach the planet, Captain Maximilian Jenius does not heed these warnings and the fleet encounters a mysterious enemy (the Varauta Army). The war continues until the Protodeviln are defeated and agree to depart the Milky Way Galaxy.