An electrical weapon that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails. The advantage of the rail gun over a traditional gas expansion weapon is the extremely high muzzle velocity (roughly 3,500 m/s or more) offering greater range, superior kinetic energy and the capability to shoot down high-speed missiles. Since OverTechnology introduced practical rail guns they have been deployed on both space craft (SDF-1 Macross) and Destroids (HWR-00 Destroid Monster and VB-6 König Monster). Some Valkyries also make use of rail guns, like the SSL-9B Dragunov Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle, which features ultra-high-speed armor-piercing shells boosted by electromagnetic rails for maximum acceleration. The SSL-9B fires projectiles at an initial muzzle velocity of 6,200 m/s which increases to 7,490 m/s when fired in space.