A high-energy beam cannon most commonly built for gunboat class space vessels as an anti-ship weapon. The super-dimension-energy cannon collimates super dimension energy during a brief charging period and then fires a broad energy beam toward the target. These weapons are so large they often occupy a third or more of the space craft's forward hull and they are incredibly destructive, delivering damage via both high-energy kinetic force and intense heat. There are few defenses against a super-dimension-energy beam, pin-point/full barriers being one such partially effective counter measure (exception: the Protodeviln Glavil). The maximum yield and range of the super-dimension-energy cannon is currently unknown. The first combat use of the SDF-1 Macross super-dimension-energy cannon fired two beams at an effective range of roughly one light-second (reference: 280,000 kilometers; SDF Macross, Episode 1). First combat firing of the Battle 7 super beam weapon, fired at only 80% of full power, destroyed as many as a half dozen warships in close formation (reference: destroyed one-third of Gigile Fleet of 18 Varauta warships; Macross 7, Episode 16). This weapon is designated a Heavy Converging Energy Beam Cannon in Zentradi and Meltrandi warships.