A series of conflicts fought between countries that supported the formation of a United Nations world government and countries that opposed a single unified government. In July 2000, a dispute in the People's Republic of Garalia in the Middle East lead to an outbreak of armed conflict. From that point forward, frequent disputes and internal conflicts occurring in all areas of the world became collectively known as the U.N. Wars. The U.N. Wars continued for nearly seven years until concluding on January 20, 2007. However, even after the end of the U.N. Wars, Anti-U.N. forces continued certain smaller operations in various parts of the world, including the events around the Island of Mayan in 2008.

Macross Chronicle Issue #4, Timeline page #07 states "After the Bird Human Incident, the nations who joined the Anti-U.N. Alliance announce their withdrawal (September 2008)." While not explicit, this entry may imply the U.N. Wars did not end in 2007 but rather in September 2008.