Training craft continued to serve a valuable function in the UNAF/UNS forces and nearly every new class of variable fighter included a special training variant. The VF-17T was the training craft designated for the Nightmare variable fighter and heavy combat battroid. Like most training craft, the VF-17T is a modified version of the standard variable fighter featuring an extended nose and cockpit section to allow a second seat for an additional operator. This allows a student to fly with an instructor present in the cockpit. The VF-17T is fully variable but the two standard anti-aircraft laser guns, the two small-bore forward laser guns and both dual missile launchers have all been removed. As is traditional for training craft, the VF-17T is painted in a bright color scheme easily distinguishable among regular service units. Though training craft are rarely seen because of their small numbers, the training variant of the Nightmare found distinction through deployment of the VF-17T Custom assigned to Sound Force in 2045.