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A variant to the standard VF-1 Valkyrie, the variable fighter "D" is a two-seater version that features two TV camera "eye" systems within the head unit and slightly upgraded firepower via a second Mauler RÖV-20 anti-aircraft laser cannon. Manufactured by the VF-1 designer Stonewell and Bellcom, the VF-1D ironically saw the fewest compliment of the main four VF-1 variants aboard the SDF-1 Macross, but nonetheless was an active-service variable fighter. A number of VF-1D units were also deployed as advanced training variable fighters, for live weapons and full combat functionality instruction. A VF-1D unit designated VT-102 was one such example with the label "Stud Seat" (Student) and "INST CAPT. DAGGER" (Instructor) found upon the exterior of the cockpit (this was the same variable fighter flown by then civilian pilot Hikaru Ichijo in February 2009).

Mechanical Specifications
Type All-environment variable fighter and tactical combat battroid
Manufacturer Stonewell/Bellcom
Introduction November 2007
First Deployment February 7, 2009
Accommodation Pilot plus passenger in Marty & Beck Mk-7 zero/zero ejection seats
  • Battroid Mode: height 12.68 meters; width 7.3 meters; length 4.0 meters
  • Fighter Mode: wingspan 14.78 (fully extended); height 3.84 meters; length 14.23 meters
  • GERWALK Mode: wingspan 14.78 (fully extended); height 8.7 meters; length 11.3 meters
Mass Empty 13.25 metric tons; standard T-O 18.5 metric tons
Structure Space metal frame, SWAG energy converting armor
Power Plant Pwo Shinnakasu Heavy Industry/P&W/Roice FF-2001 thermonuclear reaction turbine engines, output 650 MW each.
Propulsion 11,500 kg [x g] x 2; or 23,000 kg [x g] x 2 in overboost (225.63 kN x 2 overboost); 4 x Shinnakasu Heavy Industry NBS-1 high-thrust vernier thrusters; 18 x P&W LHP04 low-thrust vernier thrusters beneath multipurpose hook/handles.
Thrust-to-weight ratio Empty 3.47; standard T-O 2.49; maximum T-O 1.24
  • Battroid Mode: maximum walking speed 160 km/h
  • Fighter Mode: at 10,000 m Mach 2.71; at 30,000+ m Mach 3.87
  • GERWALK Mode:: maximum walking speed 100 km/h; flying 500 km/h
G Limit In space +7
Design Features 3-mode variable transformation; variable geometry wing; vertical take-off and landing; control-configurable vehicle; single-axis thrust vectoring; three "magic hand" manipulators for maintenance use; retractable canopy shield for Battroid mode and atmospheric reentry; option of GBP-1S system, atmospheric-escape booster, or FAST Pack system.
  • Min time from Fighter to GERWALK (automated): approx. 1.5 sec.
  • Min time from GERWALK to Battroid (automated): under 2 sec.
  • Standard time from Fighter to Battroid (automated): under 5 sec.
  • Min time from Fighter to Battroid (manual): 0.9 sec.


  • 2 x Fixed Mauler RÖV-20 anti-aircraft laser cannons, firing 6,000 pulses per minute each
  • 1 x Howard GU-11 55 mm three-barrel Gatling gun pod with 200 rds fired at 1,200 rds/min

Bombs & Missiles

  • 4 x underwing hard points for 12 x AMM-1 hybrid guided multipurpose missiles (3/point)
  • or 12 x MK-82 LDGB conventional bombs (3/point)
  • or 6 x RMS-1 large anti-ship reaction missiles (2/outboard point, 1/inboard point)
  • or 4 x UUM-7 micro-missile pods (1/point) each carrying 15 x Bifors HMM-01 micro-missiles
  • or a combination of above load-outs

Optional Armament

  • Shinnakasu Heavy Industry GBP-1S ground-combat protector weapon system
  • or Shinnakasu Heavy Industry FAST Pack augmentative space weapon system