Wiki policy defines the best practices for creating and editing articles on the LOGH Wiki. It covers almost all aspects of wiki maintenance, from what articles are OK to create, to how articles should be structured, to what sort of spelling rules should be followed, to the procedures for deleting articles. It also codifies a "canon" (what material is accepted as "true") and provides guidelines for what perspectives articles should be written from.

General policyEdit

Currently there is only one general policy that is not covered by one of the more specific policy articles:

  • For the time being, it is preferred that all discussion of policy and site direction take place on the discussion forum. In addition, until some other procedure is decided upon, users are not to delete articles from the wiki—this too should be discussed on the forum.

Specific policies and guidelinesEdit

For detailed write-ups of the wiki's specific policies and guidelines, please refer to the following pages:

  • Manual of Style —The Manual of Style is a set of rules related to the stylistic construction of articles, including section structure and spelling and grammar rules.
  • Canon Policy — The Canon Policy contains LOGH Wiki's official stance on what material is considered canon for the purposes of this site.
  • Perspective — The Perspective page contains guidelines for approaching articles from the correct perspective. It covers tone, tense, and the concepts of "in-universe" and "real-life" articles.